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Decanter centrifuge applications in the food industry Feb 02, 2018

The food processing industry often uses the equipment with the decanter centrifuge separator, these decanter centrifuge equipment in the food processing technology, the use of heterogeneous separation operation to suspension, emulsion and aerosol, etc. The two-phase All or part of the separation, Bisshin machinery to discuss with you centrifuge separator equipment in the food industry applications:

(A) As the main stage of production: such as preparing starch from starch liquid, preparing cream or skim milk from milk, separating crystals from mother liquor to prepare pure crystal food and the like.

(B) improve the purity of products: such as milk to remove particulate solids to remove solids.

(C) Recover valuable material: eg milk powder from a particulate solid aerosol.

(D) For safe production: For example, smoke, smoke and other harmful substances that occur in production are separated.

Decanter centrifuges in the food industry are more used, such as the system of sugar industry, the separation of sugar, molasses separation; Cream separation; salt industry dehalogenation of salt; starch industry, starch and protein separation; oil industry oil refining; beer, Fruit juice, beverage clarification; MSG, orange oil, yeast separation; starch dehydration; Dehydrated vegetables in the pre-dehydration of hot water dishes; recovery of plant protein; food purification and so use centrifuges. High-speed centrifuge can also separate the bud in the milk.