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Precautions in the daily work of the Volute dewatering screw press Jul 07, 2018

Although the snail dewatering screw press can realize automatic operation, when it is autonomously operated, it must set a reasonable outage time in advance, and complete the whole process as required, so as not to affect the overall use of the snail dewatering screw press. effect.


Secondly, the flow regulating tube in the snail dewatering screw press should be adjusted to an appropriate height according to the sludge concentration to control the flow during the working process. It should be borne in mind that the Volute dewatering screw press is strictly prohibited from overloading the sludge, preventing the sludge from being deposited in the concentration section due to excessive sludge volume in the body of the dewatering machine; it is strictly forbidden to inject large solids such as large slag blocks, wooden blocks and metal blocks. The sludge pump body and the filter body of the snail dewatering screw press.


When manually cleaning the Volute dewatering screw press, the water shall not be smashed onto the electrical components such as the motor and the electric control box; at the same time, the gear reducer of the Volute dewatering screw press shall be replaced or added with gear lubricating oil. Make it maintain good lubricity.


In addition, it should be noted that the nut of the stacking screw dewatering screw press can be checked regularly for looseness; the screw-spinning screw press is overhauled three months to ensure that it can always operate under good working conditions.