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Sealing solid-liquid separation equipment when you need to pay attention to what Jan 11, 2018

Sealing solid-liquid separation equipment when the need to pay attention to the matter, the first point is to say, that is, the need to remove each drum solid-liquid separation device above, then say, it is necessary to note that you must add moisture and Be careful with shrink film packaging. In this case, it should also be to pay attention to the drum placed in the wooden case, with aluminum casement edge.


For solid-liquid separation equipment drum should also be taken to remove the storage, this time, that is, the main bearing will not withstand force. And for each solid-liquid separation device base and the shell and all the remaining components in terms of that is, will need to pay attention to contraction performance better film packaging, this time, that is, be aware that it must be Note into the wooden box.


This is followed by a strict selection of the storage location of the solid-liquid separation device during storage, and in this regard, in order to avoid long-term exposure of the device to the effects of the external environment, in particular To avoid the humidity, temperature fluctuations and dust and other equipment for the impact.


At this time, that is, we should pay attention to shrink film should be the entire solid-liquid separation device on the drive, including V-belt packaging, directly into the wooden box into them. And to the long term storage of the differential it is very important to note that it must be a guide to follow the manufacturer's specifications and instructions. And when the parts are stored longer than one year, you need to replace the hydraulic oil, check the main bearing.


Finally, the solid-liquid separation device on the bearing state changes, it is necessary to pay attention to replace the bearing. Before installing the drum on the solid-liquid separation device, it is important to note that the drum must be inspected in accordance with the operating manual. Then, in fact, we should also pay attention that during the storage of the solid-liquid separation device, it also needs to comply with the storage specification and does not require any other maintenance and protection.