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Stability and production requirements of two phase separation decanter Dec 17, 2018

In the process of running the two phase separation decanter, the cleaning liquid is uniformly added to the drum by the cleaning liquid pipe for cleaning, which saves time and improves efficiency, and ensures the centrifugation through the setting of the damping spring and the positioning ring. The stability of the machine work has great practical value.

The protective cover of the two phase separation decanter is installed at the bottom end of the main support plate and the motor mounting plate, the motor is disposed at the top of the motor mounting plate, and the driving pulley is connected to the bottom end of the motor through the motor shaft, and the driven pulley is disposed at Inside the shield, the top end of the centrifuge spindle is connected to the bottom end of the drum through the spindle fixed end cover, the spindle fixed end cover is connected to the top end of the centrifuge spindle, the drum is disposed inside the outer casing, and the damping spring is fixed Between the block I and the fixed block II, the positioning ring is fixedly disposed in the middle of the outer casing, and the cleaning liquid pipe passes through the rotating drum and the top cover.

The two phase separation decanter is mainly composed of a drum, a spiral, a differential system, a liquid level baffle, a drive system and a control system. The decanter centrifuge uses the density difference between the solid and liquid phases to accelerate the solidification separation of the solid phase particles under the action of centrifugal force.